The Best Cities for Digital Nomads

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The Best Cities for Digital Nomads

One of the reasons that many people get into working in the digital space is the ability to work from anywhere.  If you have a laptop and a WiFi connection you can write code, built website or do online marketing from almost anywhere in the world.  Living abroad and traveling to exotic places is now easier than ever.  Some cities are ideal for digital nomads, good connections, cheap accommodations and the right combination of weather, culture and beauty that keeps the digital nomad crowd returning.  Let’s look at some of the best cities for digital nomads to visit and do their thing.

Vilnius, Lithuania

Head to the capital of Lithuania and check out this amazing city, you have the feel of old Europe with some pretty modern amenities thrown in.  Check out Europe’s largest baroque Old Town, which is listed with UNESCO as a world heritage site.  The city has a pretty big student populations with lots of bars, cafes and restaurants to check out.  Lithuania has consistently ranked number one for having the fastest public WiFi so working won’t be a problem and it is cheap to live here, you can find a place for roughly $425USD per month.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai has been a hot spot for digital nomads for years.  The weather is near perfect, amazing restaurants, and lots of other digital nomads here to connect with.  The nightlife is thriving and it is dirt cheap to live here.  You can find a fully furnished one bedroom apartment for less than $400USD per month, leaving you lots of disposable cash to do what you want.

Santiago, Chile

Not only does Chile have some of the best broadband in all of South America the thriving capital is a pretty cool place to hang out.  There are busy shopping districts, edgy neighborhoods and when you’re not working there is plenty to do.  Head off to the Andes and raft down some of the many rivers, go hiking in the Patagonian wilderness or head to the beach.  You can get an internet connection at most of the cafes and most of the metro stations offer it free.  You can rent a place in a decent neighborhood for around $500USD per month making it affordable.

Valencia, Spain

Valencia is an old European city that has been ruled by both the Romans and the Moors, rich in history.  If history is your thing then you will love Old Town it is gorgeous.  The city is a port city that used to be key to trading around the Mediterranean and today there are some beautiful beaches.  You can get free WiFi at most coffee shops, so sip some espresso while you work.  It has an excellent public transportation system allowing you to find cheap accommodations just outside the city, but if you want to run the beaches in the morning right from your front door it is still not that expensive.